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Frankfort, KY

Proper disposal of your expired and unused medications will help keep them off the streets, out of our schools and out of the water supply.

Anyone with access to your home has easy access to your medicine cabinet: friends, house guests, kids' friends, a contractor or neighbor.

The most logical and convenient place to properly dispose of medications is at the point of sale – at the counter where you bought them.

However, many pharmacies in the U.S. still don't offer their customers proper disposal of the controlled medications they sell; including pills, cough syrups, patches, lotions, inhalants and ointments.

America is in the middle of a national crisis of addictionOn average, 192 Americans die every day from a drug overdose.

Every pharmacy in America can play an important role in prevention by providing a medication disposal dropbox.

Please remember to properly dispose of your medications at a participating local pharmacy or police station.

Help spread the word.

This is a nonprofit, heart-led effort to ask every pharmacy in the U.S. to provide customers safe medication disposal at the point of sale. We encourage you to help by asking your pharmacy to participate.

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